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Why did Spotify remove my music podcast?

Podcasts containing solely music (whether originally created or created by others) likely violates Spotify's content policy and will be taken down.

In Spotify, music is required to be put on the music library instead of the podcast section.

Spotify does not clearly disclose their reviewing criteria. Based on our observation, music and soundtracks may be added to podcasts. However, podcasts that "**only** contain music" will be taken down.

**Methods to consider when utilizing Podcasts to release original music:**

Adding dialogues outside of the music and uploading it as a musical podcast.

Let go of Spotify and continue using other platforms to distribute music normally.

Upload your music to Firstory's Audio and Music Library and allow other creators to use it.

If your podcast has been removed by Spotify, you may refer to the following letter template when requesting for re-listing.

Make sure that the podcast no longer violates Spotify's content policy (For example: Deleting the episode which contains only music).

Title/ Subject : My Podcast Has Been Taken DownReceiving Address : podcaster-support@spotify.comContent:Good day Spotify,My RSS is as follows: (Insert your RSS feed here)My podcast has been taken down due to the content policy.I have already removed episodes violating the said policy and would like to request for the reinstatement of my podcast.Thank you.Best regards,(Insert your name here)

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Updated on: 13/07/2022

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