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Apple Podcasts Manual Distribution

Apple Podcasts underwent a major update last June 2021, and an abundant amount of terms and conditions have to be reviewed by creators themselves. To ensure podcaster rights, we've moved Apple Podcasts from Automatic to Manual Distribution. However, we've streamlined the process for our users; so you can still experience a seamless procedure.

(You can also follow the process provided by Apple Podcasts)

**Watch the Video Tutorial here (you may skip to 1:27):**

**Here are the detailed steps:**

You'll have to have at least 1 episode published on Firstory Studio (not in draft status).

From Firstory Studio, select the "Contents" menu from the left panel and select "Distribution."

Tick the "Show RSS in personal email" box and wait for about 10 minutes.

Scroll downwards and locate Apple Podcasts. Click "Start Submission."

You'll be redirected to Apple Podcasts Connect. Sign up or Log into your account.

The system will automatically bring in your RSS, so just click "Add."

In the event that your RSS was not automatically brought in, you can simply click on the plus(+) sign and add a "New Show" through RSS. Paste the Firstory RSS from earlier.

A "Draft" status will be displayed while Apple reviews your show. The review process may take about 3-5 working days, at maximum.

Select your show to set Update Frequency and Content Rights. Click save and Submit for Review.

After successful review, select your show and copy your Apple Podcasts URL

Return to Firstory Studio's Distribution page, locate Apple Podcasts, click "Edit" and paste the URL you just copied onto the field provided. Don't forget to save these changes!


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Updated on: 13/07/2022

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