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Why aren't verification letters from other platforms showing in my mailbox?

Verification letters are sometimes necessary when listing or performing actions on other platforms. In order to protect our users from spam letter harassment, the Firstory mailbox is the one publicly displayed on your podcast's RSS feed.

If you weren't able to receive the verification letter, it may be because your personal mailbox was not displayed.

The resolution process is as follows:

Go to the "[Distribution](" page on Firstory Studio's Dashboard and tick the box for "Show personal email in RSS."

After waiting for about 10 minutes, copy the RSS feed and open it on your browser.

Use Ctrl + F to search for "email."

You have successfully shown your personal email if the email address you find is the one used when signing up for your Firstory Studio account.

If not, please wait for another moment before checking again.

Additionally, it is also possible for the verification letter to be classified as spam. You may reconfirm by checking your spam folder.

If you wish to change your personal email address, you may go to the "Account" page on Fistory Studio and select "Update Email."

Note: If you have signed up through email, please use the new and updated email address the next time you log onto Firstory Studio.

Updated on: 13/07/2022

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