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Submitting your podcast: Import your show into the Firstory directory

You don't need to switch hosting sites or be a Firstory Hosting user in order to submit your podcast to Firstory's podcast directory.

After submitting your show successfully, listeners will be able to enjoy your podcast on our streaming platform.

**Import Podcast into the Firstory Directory**

Locate your RSS feed URL from your podcast hosting platform and Copy it.

(Don't know what an RSS feed is? Feel free to read about it in our Podcast Vocabulary List)

Sign up for a Firstory account

Import your existing podcast

Paste and submit your podcast RSS link you copied from Step 1

Confirm that the displayed podcast is yours

Select "Skip First" and do NOT proceed to redirection, if you do not wish to transfer hosting platforms

That's it! You're on Firstory's directory!

**Unlock Firstory-Exclusive Features**

If you are looking to switch podcast hosting platforms, we welcome you to try Firstory. By proceeding with 301 Redirection and making the switch, you will be able to unlock the following Firstory-exclusive features:

Unlimited storage & bandwidth for Free

FLink, the all-in-one universal podcast promotion URL

Cross-platform comment and Apple Podcasts reviews integration

Voice messages

Dynamic audio insertion

and more!

**301 Redirection: Switching Over to Firstory Studio**

We have put together the following step-by-step guides to help you whenever you're ready to make the switch. (You can skip right ahead to the Redirection Step):

Transferring from Anchor

Transferring from Buzzsprout

Transferring from SoundCloud

Transferring from Captivate

Transferring from

Transferring from iVoox

Things to know after transferring to Firstory

If you're on another hosting platform and would like a guide, feel free to contact us on our live customer support chat on the lower right corner of the screen.

Updated on: 13/07/2022

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