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Things to know after switching to Firstory

Thank you for choosing Firstory! After completing redirection, you no longer need to use your old hosting services. For better assurance, we recommend you keep the old hosting account around for at least 30 days if you plan to delete the account.

### Paste the links of your show on Distribution platforms

Because the imported podcast didn't originate from Firstory, we're unable to automatically fill in the distribution platform links for you. Kindly paste the URLs of platforms you have previously listed your podcast on, and it will be applied to your podcast tools (e.g. Podcast website, FLink, podcast information, etc.).

Not sure where to find your podcast URLs? This tool might help:

### Awaiting data from Spotify.

Data from Spotify is kept wholly intact. A maximum of 24 hours is needed for us to automatically acquire your data. It should show up in Firstory Studio afterwards.

The next step shows how you can retain data from other listening platforms.

### Retaining podcast data

You can directly enter podcasting data from your previous hosting service.


**FAQs when switching:**

Apple Podcast not updating

Manually update Spotify podcast after switching hosting

Will my podcast need to be reviewed again by directories after switching?

Keep podcast data from previous hosting platform


**Firstory-Exclusive Features to Try Out:**

### Dynamic Audio Insertion

When you Upload a New Episode, you can use the Dynamic Audio Insertion (DAI) to easily add, remove, exchange, and swap out audio files. You can also use this feature to include ad spaces and call-to-actions (CTAs).

### Setting podcast description template

If you have repeating information in your podcast description (show notes), you can set up a podcast description template to save time whenever you upload a new episode.

### Setting episode chapters.

Many platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pocket Casts, and Overcast have built-in features that support chapters. Not only does this inform listeners of the episode's contents, your audience can also easily skip to their sections of interest.

### Add comment link

As your show is distributed over multiple directories, it is often a struggle for podcasters to obtain audience feedback. This function automatically generates a cross-platform messaging board for listeners to leave their thoughts and ratings. Creators can also interact with listeners and use the double-layer function to reply!

### Enable voicemail

The voicemail function allows podcasters to receive audience voice messages from their Firstory podcast website. You can listen to them from Firstory Studio and even download and include them in your episodes!

### Share your podcast with FLink

FLink allows you to easily get your podcast to your audience. Each link directly leads to your show on every major directory. It is also self-updating, which means that new episodes will show up once each platform updates.

This tool is handy for scheduling social media posts as well, since draft and scheduled episodes will likewise automatically materialize.

### Enable monetization

We aim to make it easy for every listener to support their favorite podcasters. With our donation and sponsorship link, your audience can easily show support via credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Line Pay, and other payment methods.

This feature is currently available only in Taiwan.

We will open up monetization globally in late 2022.

### Complete podcast data analysis

Firstory Studio provides several data measurements including the Time-to-Downloads line graph, Directory Distribution, First 10-Day Performance of every episode, as well as audience demographics such as Age and Gender.

### Royalty-free, built-in music library

Download exclusive, original royalty-free music from Firstory's built-in music and audio library. Simply credit attribution to the artists in the description box of the respective episodes to use for free!

### Set up your podcast website

Firstory provides every podcast with its own personal website which includes all relevant links. This helps search engines easily discover our podcasters and subsequently bring your podcast increased traffic.

Updated on: 13/07/2022

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