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From Firstory to Other Hostings

We understand that Firstory may not be suitable for every podcaster. We're sad to see you go; but if you need to switch to other hosting services, we're here to make that move as simple as possible.

Notes and Precautions:

You don't have to switch hosting services to make your show available to more listening platforms.

After transferring, your podcast website, chapters, voicemail, and other Firstory-exclusive functions will no longer be available.

Your podcast's analytics and data may not be wholly transferred. Please carefully consider before making the switch.

Steps to Switch:

Obtain a new RSS Feed from the target hosting. We strongly suggest using Podbase Podcast Validator to check whether the new RSS Feed can operate as intended before proceeding.

From Firstory Studio, go to My Podcasts and click on the "..." for the show you wish to move. Select "Delete.“

Select "Do a 301 Redirect" and paste your new RSS feed.

Let us know the reason for transfer and submit.

It may take about 15 minutes to 1 hour for 301 redirect to be completed. You may refresh the old RSS feed URL to check whether it has moved to a new RSS. After the transfer has been completed, your show will continue the way it was while hosted by Firstory. Future uploads and management will be done in your new hosting platform.

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Updated on: 19/07/2022

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