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Keep podcast data from previous hosting platform

[ 2022/05/13 Update: ]
To further improve user experience, this function is currently under system maintenance. Please skip to Step #3, download the template, and email your spreadsheet to

We will import your podcast data within 2-3 working days and let you know once your data's all set.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Podcast data are important assets for creators; it may even be sentimental. Hence, it would be a shame not to carry these numbers over when switching hosting services.

As it is not yet possible for hosting platforms to automatically pass on these data during redirection, we at Firstory made a way for every transferring podcaster to manually enter their past records.

We trust our creators' honesty and do not review the encoded data. After completing your transfer (import) to Firstory, you can manually input your past podcast data.

How to Import Downloads Data into FIrstory:

From your Dashboard, choose to Manually Add your data.

If you don't have a lot of episodes, you can manually enter your previous data to store it (We automatically acquire your podcast's data from Spotify, so make sure that the value you enter excludes Spotify downloads for greater accuracy).

If you have a lot of episodes and past data, you may opt to import your by batch. Click here to open the template. Go to File > Make a copy, and edit the podcast episode titles and number of downloads

Important Notes:

The order of episode titles should match the order of the episodes on the Import Data page. This is ordered in descending order, from the newest episode to the oldest episode.

If the sequence is incorrect, the imported downloads data will also be incorrect.

After filling in the data, go to File > Download > Comma Separated Values (.csv)

Go back to the Import Data page and select "Import CSV file."

Confirm whether the imported data are correct and correspond to the right episodes. Click "Save."

If there are any errors, you can recheck the template, edit, and reupload the file.

Updated on: 04/08/2022

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