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From iVoox to Firstory

This article will help you easily transfer your podcast from iVoox to Firstory

**Step 1: Set up your iVoox RSS feed**

Sign into iVoox

Go to Content > Edit Show

Scroll down to "RSS Feed Settings" and enable RSS feed

Place your email address in "Public email"

Save these changes

Wait for a few minutes for these changes to reflect on the system before proceeding to Step 2

**Step 2: Get your RSS feed from iVoox**

From your dashboard, select "Share your Show"

Select on the link icon

Copy your RSS feed

**Step 3: Set up an account on Firstory and import your podcast**

Add a podcast and select to "Import existing podcast."

Paste the RSS you just copied from iVoox

Check the show information and confirm that the program is yours.

Copy the Firstory RSS provided

**Step 4: Redirect your podcast from iVoox**

After completing Step 3, your podcast is still hosted on iVoox. We need to do a 301 Redirection from iVoox to Firstory, so that the platforms you're currently on would know that you have moved your RSS.

iVoox is one of the podcast hosting platforms that does not support automatic 301 redirection. So we recommend that you write to iVoox customer support directly to ask for their help in 301 redirection.

You can contact iVoox through here:

Here's a message template you can use (Feel free to use Spanish):

Hi iVoox,I am moving my podcast to another hosting provider.Could you please help me with my 301 Redirection?My new RSS feed is : ((enter your Firstory RSS from Step 3 here))Thank youSincerely,((Your name here))

After 301 Redirection, you can start using Firstory as your new podcast hosting provider. Here are some things you should know after moving to Firstory:

Things to Know After Switching to Firstory


IF iVoox does not help with 301 redirection, your podcast is NOT affected and is still hosted on iVoox. Don't worry, nothing is changed

IF iVoox does not help with 301 redirection, you CAN still switch to Firstory, but you have to write to every streaming service (e.g. Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc) and let them know that you have changed your RSS feed.

Writing to every streaming service may seem like some extra work, but it is most definitely worth it. You can enjoy all the free and exclusive stuff on Firstory after you make the switch

Feel free to contact us through our live chat support, Discord community, or email for any questions or assistance with redirecting to Firstory.


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Updated on: 13/07/2022

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