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Apple Podcasts Questions

Apple Podcasts App

New episode has not been updated on Apple Podcasts for an unreasonable amount of time:

Please refer to this article.

Apple Podcasts Web

Apple Podcasts Web was not updated after Apple Podcasts App was updated:

There may be instances when Apple Podcasts' web and app are not in sync. It should automatically be updated within a day.

Apple Podcasts Connect

If you have registered for an Apple ID through Apple's website, an error message may prohibit you from logging onto iTunes Connect.

We recommend that you use an Apple or Windows device to log onto iTunes to register. You may also register by downloading Apple Music on your Android device.

If you cannot enter a specific page during this process, it my be one of Apple's bug. You may try using incognito mode to log in.

Updated on: 13/07/2022

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