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My Podcast is not updated on Spotify and Apple Podcasts

If your podcast introduction, podcast cover, episode audio file, episode introduction, or episode cover was not updated for an unreasonable amount of time, you may refer to the following solutions:

Apple Podcasts not Updated

Enter Apple Podcasts Connect and select your show

Under the RSS feed section, look for "Recent Updates" and select "Refresh"

Check your show again after waiting for a few minutes

If the issue persists, contact Apple Podcasts' customer service portal

Fill in the Customer Service form using the following as reference:

Topic: Podcast not updating

Podcast Name: (your podcast name)

Podcast Feed URL: (your podcast's RSS feed)

Show Title: (your podcast name)

Apple Podcasts Show ID: (the string of numbers at the end of your Apple Podcasts' URL)

What's not updating? (select applicable items based on what wasn't updated)

Podcast Description : Show Metadata

Podcast Cover : Show Artwork

Episode Description : Episode Metadata

Episode Cover : Episode Artwork

Audio File : Episode Audio

If the entire episode was not updated, please select the last 3 items.

I am following this podcast: Yes

Podcast Episode is: Downloaded


Hi. My last episode, (name of last episode), is not updating on Apple Podcasts. Can you help me? Thanks!

Based on our experience, Apple will respond within 2 working days from submission.

Spotify not Updated

If your show hasn't been updated within a day, you can write to Spotify to request for an update.

Title: My Podcast (podcast name) is not updating

Email to:


Hi, my podcast is not updating. Here is my show link: (your Spotify show link), and here is my RSS feed: (your RSS URL). Please update my show.

Best regards,

(your name)

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Updated on: 19/07/2022

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