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Download a published episode's audio file

We usually recommend self-backup of episode audio files. However, you may still download it through Firstory Studio and RSS:

**Download from Firstory Studio**

Log into your Firstory Studio account. Go to Contents > Episodes > Select which episode you wish to download.

Click on the three vertical dots (...) on the far right side of audio player and click Download.

**Download from RSS feed**

Open your podcast's RSS feed.\

Use Ctrl + F to search for the name of the episode to be downloaded.

Look for the URL between "enclosure url" and "length."

It usually begins with "[https://backend](https://backend)." and ends with ".mp3", ".mp4", or ".aac", depending on your audio file format.

Open this url in your browser to download the audio file.


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Updated on: 13/07/2022

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