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URL format of every streaming platform

If you have just switched to Firstory OR have decided to manually distribute your podcast, you can paste your show's URL/ link onto its respective space on Firstory Studio's "Distribution" page. Remember to press "Edit" first and click "Save" after applying changes.

(Note: Pasting the wrong URL may cause updating problems with FLink.)


**Editing Available Platform URL**

From Firstory Studio > Contents > Distribution page. Scroll downwards to view the Available Platforms.

Locate the platform whose URL you wish to change. Click 'Edit" from the upper right corner, paste the URL, and click Save. For each platform's URL format, you may refer to the information below:


**"Error: Invalid format" when pasting URL**

The URL for streaming platforms under the Distribution page must be the URL of your podcast on the respective platform.

Placing the URL for the platform's homepage or any other website would lead to the "Invalid format" message.


**Podcast URL on Spotify**

Search for your podcast on Spotify.

Click on the three dots "..." > Share > Copy Show Link


**Podcast URL on Apple Podcasts**

Search for your show on Apple Podcasts and click on "..." on the upper right corner. Copy the show's link.


**Podcast URL on Google Podcasts**

Search for your show on Google Podcasts and click on the share button. Copy the link.


**Podcast URL on KKBOX**

Search for your show on KKBOX and click on "..." on the upper right corner > Share > Copy the show's link.


Manual Distribution on other streaming platforms

Customer service portal for each streaming platform

Updated on: 13/07/2022

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