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Did you know that you can go against border and geographical obstacles to record your podcast with people from different states and countries right from the comfort of your home? This article recommends 3 easy, free software that can help you record remotely and overcome transnational obstacles.

We recommend you use a computer for the best recording experience through the following methods:

## [Skype](

As one of the most popular and earliest communication software, Skype may be the first choice for many. To get started, click "Start Recording" on the lower left corner of the call interface. The audio and video screens will start recording after 5 seconds:

You can simply select "Stop Recording" from the same area after recording your podcast. After system processing, the mp4 file will be transferred to the chat room and retained for 30 days. Anyone who has participated in the meeting can download and save the file.

In summary:

Free to use

Registration required

Need for software download and installation

Computer recommended for the recorder

Mp4 output. Audio extraction needed.

## [Zoom](

Zoom has risen to popularity throughout the years, and it has a similar recording function with Skype. Simply record the meeting by pressing "Record":

After system processing after recording, Zoom will then allow you to save the file locally on your computer.

Unlike Skype, Zoom can help you split the audio files from the video. Choose whichever file format will help your podcast editing and production process!

If you wish to separately record the audio tracks of podcast host and guest, you may go to Audio Settings > Recording > Enable "Record a separate audio file for each participant who speaks." (You may need to download Zoom to use this function).

In summary:

Free to use

Registration required

You can use the web version or install the software

Computer recommended for the recorder

Audio and video split output available

## [Zencastr](

Zencastr has a very complete set of recording functions, since it is specifically designed for podcast recording. Additionally, it can also split audio files of host and guests.

Creators would need to register for an account, which you can use to manage recordings and even connect to your Google Drive or Dropbox accounts! Zencastr will help back up your recordings to your preferred cloud storage.

Click on "Create new episode" to start a new recording. You can choose to record both audio and video, record audio while showing video, and record audio only. These can be changed later on prior to recording.

After creating a new project, click "Invite" to invite your guests via email or link. Note that guests must use computer to participate. (Mobile phones and tablets are not supported!)

The chat and footnotes area on the right can be used to input timestamps during recording in order to facilitate post-production editing.

Click "Start Recording" to start recording!

In summary:

Free to use functions available

Recorder and guests must use computer

Up to four free participants during the pandemic

No software download needed

Guest registration not needed

Dropbox and Google Drive backup available

Multitrack recording

Can record audio + video


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Updated on: 13/07/2022

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