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Recording equipment recommendations from Firstory

After the brainstorming and planning phase, the next step is to turn these ideas into sound! For those of you unsure about which equipment to get, this article is for you.

Apart from needing a room or space to do your recordings, some basic equipment every podcaster should have include:


Recording interface

Others (e.g. cables, microphone stands, etc.)

The equipment needed is ultimately determined by the type of podcast.

**Solo Podcaster:**

If you are a solo podcaster, we recommend the $130 Blue Yeti and $70 Blue Snowball series microphones. These USB microphones are very intuitive and perfect for beginner podcasters with limited budgets. No installation is required, and it is compatible with both Mac and Windows computers. Simply plug it into your computer and start recording!


If you are a pair or group of podcasters who expect to produce talk-type podcast shows, we don't recommend using USB microphones; since the same computer cannot simultaneously be connected to and record from two USB microphones. Hence, we recommend using a recording interface coupled with several microphones. The sub-track or multitrack recording made possible can facilitate post-production processes and maintain sound quality.

**A Pair of Podcasters (Duo):**

[Zoom H4n Pro]( + Shure Sm58

This hand held recorder (Zoom H4n Pro) takes up little space and is flexible for both indoor and outdoor use. It supports 2 external XLR microphones and can also be connected to Mac or Windows computers for recording.

[TASCAM DR-40x]( + Shure Sm58

This portable recorder (TASCAM DR-40x) can also be used for both indoor and outdoor recording. It supports 2 external XLR microphones; simply insert a MicroSD card to start recording.


**A Group of Podcasters (more than 2 people):**

[Zoom H6]( + Shure Sm58

This portable recorder (Zoom H6) can be used for both indoor and outdoor recording. Its built-in colored screen interface offers intuitive user experience. It supports 4 external XLR microphones; simply insert a MicroSD card to start recording.

[RodeCaster Pro]( + Rode Podmic

This recording workstation (RodeCaster Pro) was specifically designed for podcasting and is an all-in-one solution for for both novice and experienced podcasters alike. It supports 4 external XLR microphones and may also be connected via USB and Bluetooth for remote call integration. Simply insert a MicroSD card to start recording.


**Cords and Cables, Microphone Stands, and Headphones:**

The next step after deciding on your recording interface and microphone is to select the XLR audio cable. Depending on the available space and recording set up, you may choose a cable length ranging from 2 to 5 meters. Moreover, we recommend using a desk microphone stand or any other microphone stand to avoid holding the mic with your hands. This can prevent the friction sound from being recorded.

As for headphones, we recommend you choose a comfortable pair that fits your budget. Some producers for reference include: Audio Technica, Sony, Superlux.


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Updated on: 13/07/2022

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