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Podcast Data and Charts on Firstory Studio Dashboard

Firstory Studio's Dashboard shows you the complete overview of your podcast data analytics. Through these charts, you will be able to better understand your show performance (listening, audience feedback, profit, etc.) at a glance. Hover your mouse over the graphs and click "View Details" on the lower right corner to see the complete analysis for select metrics.

The data shown are from the last 7 days by default. You can change the timeframe from the upper right dropdown menu.


The following are explanations and clarifications for the terminologies and metrics used:


The number of downloads changes across time.

**Average Downloads for the Last 5 Episodes (Coming Soon)**

The average number of downloads for your last 5 episodes can provide more accurate insights on your show's performance. This is also suitable for advertisers' references.

**Operating System and Apps**

These data show which devices and platforms your audiences are listening from.

**First 10-Day Episode Performance**

Shows your last 5 episodes' download count within the first 10 days after episode release. Click on "View Details" to see the complete line graph.

The shaded gray area represents the last 10 episodes' average number of downloads within the first 10 days after release.

**Top Episodes**

Shows the top 5 episodes according to downloads. You can customize the timeframe dropdown menu in order to measure the performance of all your episodes in the corresponding time period.


Shows which countries and regions your listeners are from.

**Gender and Age**

Through our API integration with Spotify, we are able to provide this data from Spotify's backend. Understand the gender and age distribution of your audience.

**Audience Listening Times**

Shows you your show's most popular listening times based on your listeners' behavior. Click on "View Details" to see the complete timetable.

**Number of Comments (Coming Soon)**

Shows you how many listeners use the comment link to leave their feedback.

**Donation Amount**

Shows you the total amount acquired from One-Time Donation.

**Number of Donors (Coming Soon)**

Represents the number of people who use the donation link to provide One-Time Donation.

**Monthly Recurring Revenue**

Pertains to the total monthly revenue earned from Subscription Monetization.

**Number of Subscribers (Coming Soon)**

Represents the number of people who use the donation link to provide Recurring Subscription.

**Benchmark (Limited to Firstory Pro)**

Benchmark your show's performance against all others'. Understand where your show stands on the podcasting journey through a three-level measure (Lower, Median, and Upper) derived from our algorithm.

**Benchamark by Category**

Similar with Benchmark, the same three-level measure is used to benchmark your show against others in the same category.


How to read and analyze your podcast data

Download your podcast data

Updated on: 13/07/2022

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