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Voicemail function

Voicemail is one of Firstory's interactive features. The audience can send voice messages through Voicemail. You can download and use them in future episodes. Audience interaction can enrich your podcast!

**Watch this video for a short tutorial on Firstory Voicemail:**

**Step-by-Step in Text:**

Set up the podcast's personal website through Promotion > Settings > Personal Website > Activiate Personal Website

On Firstory Studio, go to Promotion > Voicemail, and set up your voicemail for audience interaction.

After clicking "Add" and making a voicemail inbox, you may copy and share the link in your episode description boxes or other social media networks!

You may also download the audio file and use it in your next episodes to enrich your content.

You may close your mailbox by selecting "Edit" and unchecking the "open" box to stop receiving new voice messages.

Engage and Grow Podcast Listeners Through Voice Messages


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Updated on: 13/07/2022

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