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Using the KKBOX Transcript function

Distributing to KKBOX is more than just acquiring a wider audience and heard by more people. We have partnered up with KKBOX to allow Firstory users to get their transcripts generated on KKBOX.

With the KKBOX Transcript function, your show can also be searched for and found to drive more traffic!

**Notes to enable this function**

From Firstory Studio, tick the "Show personal email in RSS" box from Contents > Distribution page.

Register on KKBOX for Podcasters and make sure you have distributed your show on the platform through Firstory Studio's one-click distribution platforms. Claim your podcast.

Have over 50 KKBOX followers.

The Transcript function cannot be applied for episodes embedded with KKBOX music.

You can have 2 transcripts every 7 days. Exceeding transcripts must wait for the next 7 days for review.

**Generate KKBOX Transcripts**

From Firstory Studio, go to Contents > Episodes > Select the target episode

Log onto KKBOX for Podcasters and select the desired episode

Transcripts published on KKBOX are automatically synchronized with Firstory Studio.

Additionally, it will also be displayed on the podcast's page.



Transcripts cannot be made for unpublished episodes, and you must distribute them to KKBOX to be able to use this function. Please also note that thee transcripts are more accurate when the audio comes from a single port. Multi-person conversations may decrease accuracy.


**Other FAQs:**

If I update the audio file, would I need to reapply for a new transcript?

If the changed portion only consists of a minor detail or segment, we recommend you to directly edit the transcript from KKBOX for Podcasters. If a major part or the entire audio file was changed, we recommend you to delete the old transcript and reapply for a new one.

Can I edit transcripts from Firstory Studio?

Direct editing from Firstory Studio is currently not supported (You'll have to edit from KKBOX for Podcasters). However, the published transcript will be shown on Firstory Player and your podcast's personal website.

Can I copy the transcript onto my personal blog?

Sure can! When using the transcript on other places, it is best practice to include a line for attribution such as:

"This transcript was provided by KKBOX" and attach the KKBOX link to your show!


How soon will each platform be updated after episode upload?

Claiming through KKBOX for Podcasters

Built-in music and audio library for your podcast

Updated on: 13/07/2022

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