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Using KKBOX Music Insertion

As a podcaster, you must have at some point thought about inserting music and songs into your show. Due to copyright ownership and licensing fees, this can be a complicated process for creators anywhere. The good news is, our partnership with KKBOX gives you millions of songs to choose from in order to add music into your show legally and free of charge.


**2021-08-27 Update:**

Because of our system update, we strongly recommend using audio files exported through GarageBand in utilizing this music insertion function to avoid issues with regards to insertion points. Past episodes that have been published will not be affected by this current update. We expect to complete this update by October and provide a more stable uploading method along with support for other editing software.

The output formats of different editing software vary from one another. Please strictly follow the Notes on Audio File Format and utilize GarageBand to export MP3 or AAC audio files with a constant bit rate and CBR compression.

Audio files that do not meet these criteria may experience some technical issues such as: Wrong insertion time, Over/understated episode length.

The audio file volume may be set to around -14lufs to match the volume of the music. Do adjust accordingly based on actual playback.

We recommend leaving a 1 second allowance before and after the insertion points for a smooth transition.


**How to Insert Music using KKBOX Music Insertion?**

After selecting "Publish Now," you will enter the music insertion page. You may also insert music for previously-published episode through Contents > KKBOX Music Insertion page from the sidebar.

Locate the point of insertion and select "Add Insertion Point." Search for your desired song and play to get a preview.

Click on the plus ( + ) sign to add and click Confirm. Due to copyright issues, we can only insert the whole song and cannot apply fade-in and fade-out effects.

After inserting the tracks, you can listen to the playback from Firstory Studio. You'll be hearing a 30-second preview version at this time.


**Listening to Episodes with Music Insertion:**

Audiences can listen on the KKBOX App (not yet available on the web version). KKBOX paid members may listen to whole song while non-members will be able to enjoy a 30-second preview. The music can also be directly skipped over to proceed to the next speech portion.

Episodes containing KKBOX Music Insertion Points can also be enjoyed on other directories and platforms; however, they would not contain the inserted music. Rather, the audio file, excluding inserted music, will be played.

If you have utilized this function, we recommend you to encourage listeners at the start of episodes to listen on KKBOX for the full experience.


Notes on audio file format

Built-in music and audio library for your podcast

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Updated on: 13/07/2022

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