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Register or Upgrade to Paid Plan

New User Sign Up

From the Sign Up page, select the plan of your choice as well as the payment charging method. This switch can be changed between "Monthly" and "Yearly" from the top.

You may then sign up using email, Facebook, or Apple ID.

Registered User

If you already have a Firstory account, log into your Firstory Studio account. Click on your avatar on the upper right corner of the screen. Select "[My Account]("

Here, you will find your current plan. Select "Upgrade" and choose the Plan you wish to upgrade to.

Enter Payment Details

Enter your credit card information. Please take note of the trial period and when charging starts.

If you have a promo or discount code, select "Add Promo Code" on the left panel and fill in your code.

The amounts are all in US dollars and charging will be based on the exchange rate of your credit card company on the day of charging.

Apple Pay and Google Pay methods are supported.

After successfully entering your payment details, you will be lead back to Firstory Studio. You can begin creating / continue making your podcast!

Manage Your Plan

If you want to edit or view your plan, return to "[My Account](" and select "Manage Plan."

You can edit your plan and change the payment details here.

Changing your plan during the trial period will cancel the trial period. We recommend users to wait until the trial period has expired before changing plans.

If you wish to switch from one paid plan to another or change the billing periods (i.e. from annual billing to monthly billing):

The system will automatically adjust the succeeding charges in a pro-rata basis.

If changing plans or billing periods has resulted to a prior overpayment, the excess amount that has been deducted will be used up first before charges will be made to your credit card.



Q: Why did my payment fail?

A: We use Stripe, an international payment service supported by most banks. If your credit card is not supported, you may try another credit card, another payment method, or contact the card issuing bank to ask for enablement or authorization.


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Updated on: 23/07/2022

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