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What is the Firstory Studio App?

Keep track of your podcast's dynamics even when on the go! Available in the App Store and Google Play!

Podcast Data Analysis

View the overall podcast and individual episodes' listening volume, platform distribution, audience demographic composition, messages, and other information.

Podcast Notifications

Stay up to date on analytic growth, audience feedbacks, sponsorships, withdrawing, and crediting. Through notifications, you can instantly learn about the new developments of you podcasts.

FLink Sharing

Say goodbye to repeatedly copy & pasting! A simple link can direct your audience to their preferred platforms. FLink is also now available as a QR Code: Invite others to scan it!

Mobile Customer Service System

Firstory's customer service right at your fingertips! Contact us directly right from the app!


To edit your distribution platform links, please use Firstory Studio web version.

Update frequency for comments and audience feedback:

Apple Podcasts: Once every 24 hours

Firstory: Real-time. (Please use the web version to reply to comments).

Updated on: 13/07/2022

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