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Using FLink to share podcasts

Since each listener has his or her own preferred listening platform, podcasters usually have to convert platform links into short URLs for every episode update before sharing them on social media platforms.

Creators have tried using multi-link tools such as Linktree and Taplink in order to aggregate the various platforms' links. However, the process of managing these bio link tools can be troublesome, since they were not designed for podcasts. This is where FLink comes in.

At Firstory, you can generate FLink for your podcasts and episodes on all major streaming platforms. Episode links will automatically direct your listeners to the podcast's episode for the respective platform. These links also automatically update once platforms have been updated; this means you no longer need to manually update each one per episode!

Select "FLink" from your podcast's Dashboard on Firstory Studio.

You may choose whether or not to display Donation and External (Social Media) links. Make sure to select "Save Settings" when making changes to these boxes.

You may also gain insight on the distribution of audience clicks through your Firstory Studio Dashboard to understand each link's performance.

FLink automatically captures each platform's links. Because Apple Podcasts' web version updates are slightly delayed compared to its app counterpart, the Apple Podcasts FLink update may also be slightly slower.


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Updated on: 13/07/2022

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